Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Unwell :(

Apologies to all for the lack of updates. I was unwell at the weekend with a thumping headache - it came on in the middle of my trading. I've also been snowed under with work hence the slow update.

I did manage to trade a few races on Saturday (back at £1.10 tick sizes) and the results were as follows:

Horse Racing: GBP22.80 Total P&L: GBP22.80
Horse RacingShowing 1 - 5 of 5 markets
MarketStart timeSettled dateProfit/loss (£)
Horse Racing / Bev 4th Jul : 5f Hcap04-Jul-09 14:4504-Jul-09 14:492.30
Horse Racing / Sand 4th Jul : 1m Hcap04-Jul-09 14:4004-Jul-09 14:498.64
Horse Racing / Leic 4th Jul : 6f Hcap04-Jul-09 14:3004-Jul-09 14:341.44
Horse Racing / Hayd 4th Jul : 1m4f Hcap04-Jul-09 14:2004-Jul-09 14:347.60
Horse Racing / Bev 4th Jul : 5f Mdn Stks04-Jul-09 14:1504-Jul-09 14:302.82
Profit and Loss is shown net of commission.

Not too bad. The races were quick fire and liquid, although I know I should have done better. Even though I'm posting profits here I can't help but feel a bit down. I made stupid errors on all of these races and should have posted higher profits.

I'm a bit worried - I can't see these errors decreasing any time soon - and it could have ended up oh-so-badly. I realise this blog is young and doesn't have much of a following yet, but I really would welcome anyone's comments or experiences when they were starting out.

I've look at the race card tonight, but even though I really want to trade there's only two cards on. On top of this it's thundering here, so there could be some cancellations. I don't really want to get involved in low liquidity markets after my last spanking!

Next time I trade I will try and record another video - this theme will be "how not to trade" - where I will upload a race where things don't go well.

Until then - good luck everyone.


armis said...

Of course there is a space for improvement, but anyway you made 22 GBP in only 30 min.
Your results seem quite consistent therefore I believe you have a great chance of reaching your goal stated in the "About Me" section in this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Good and interesting Video's. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete, just latched on to your blog and look forward to reading future comments as you progress. Looks like you're off to a good start with the profits so far from the tick size you are using.
Not sure I'm in a position to offer any advice but reviewing your "mistakes" and learning how to avoid them going forward is a must if you are to succeed. Accepting your pre race losses and avoiding letting your positions go in play is also a big component of success.
Good luck going forward.

Anonymous said...

I cant give any advice, from making some steady profit with football I lost 260 on one tennis match, really lost my head! Especially as I was only making £5 bets and somehow jumped to £50! Still recovering, but hope it makes you feel better!

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